Third World Squats Help Runners Improve Performance and Reduce Injuries with Dr. Michael Day

Dr. Michael Day of Advanced Wellness Center in Long Beach, CA shares a functional exercise that benefits

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runners and people with bad backs by “turning on your gluteal muscles.” I have been using this for a couple months since filming Dr. Day and it has helped me. I thought it was time to share it.

Dr. Day has become a great resource for me and has helped many SoCalRunners. More from Dr. Day soon. Check him out and you can find him on facebook Dr. Michael Day on facebook

Train Focused, Steve Mackel – Certified Personal Trainer

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Danny Dreyer, ChiRunning® Founder Talks about Foot Alignment

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This video is GOLD! Learn more about the importance of Foot Alignment and why you should be ChiRunning®.

Need a ChiRunning®

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lesson? Email Coach Steve

Train Focused, Steve Mackel Certified ChiRunning® Instructor


Coach Steve "Stoked" as quoted in LA Times about the new Stadium to Sea – LA Marathon Course

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One of the top races on my 2010 calendar is the LA Marathon. Why? Because of the new course.

I am hardcore LA. I love this city. I was born here, so was my dad and his mom. This city is part of me. In fact, I have never lived outside of So Cal.

When I heard about the new LA Marathon course starting at Dodger Stadium and finishing at Santa Monica, I was stoked. It is now a must do marathon/experience.

So, let's take this up another notch. I am going to find a way to have my surfboard waiting for me at the finish line and after I finish I am going to take the ultimate So Cal plunge and catch a couple of waves. Maybe I start a Facebook group for the this. A new kind of ultra.

Train Focused, Steve Mackel – Sole Runners Marathon Training Programs Coach


Sole Runners Newbury Park Gets Some Great Publicity – Still Time To Join Newbury Park and San Pedro Sole Runners

Sole Runners Newbury Park Article

Sole Runners Full and Half Marathon Training Programs are starting and now is the time to join. This week the Ventura County Star published a very nice article talking about our program and ChiRunning®. To Read the Ventura County Star Sole Runners Article Click Here

Every the Sole Runners, LA’s premier Marathon Training program coaches runners to successfully complete full and half marathons.

For information on this Saturday's training in San Pedro and Newbury Park Click Here

To Read the Ventura County Star Sole Runners Article Click Here

Train Focused, Steve Mackel – Certified ChiRunning® Instructor