Marine Corps Marathon 2009 Runumentry

What a great marathon! It is a must on your marathon lists. Why?

1.) Marines – They are like super volunteers and when their name is on the race nothing falls through the cracks.
2.) The Runners – I think there was something like 37,000 of us. Yeah it was crowded but I was in the 4:00:00 group and that was the pace the people around me were running. I didn’t have to fight too hard to work my way through runners.
3.) The Cheering Crowd – Unbelievable! It was packed. They cheered loud, for every runner and really kept my spirits up.
4.) Organization – After 34 of these, they know what they are doing!
5.) The Sites – You get to run past some of the greatest sites in America, in the fall, the leaves are turning colors and it was beautiful.

It is one of the best marathons in the country. Enough said.

Race Focused, Steve Mackel – ChiRunning® Instructor