Birthday Yoga and Fun

Just Looking at this Crew No Wonder Why Some People Find Thursday Night’s Yoga for Runners Intimidating

This Thursday Night at the Pasadena Lululemon Coach Gary and I will teach a special yoga class to bring in my next year on the planet. Hopefully this will set my positive intentions in motion. The yoga starts at 6:30 PM. They have some yoga mats but if you have one bring yours. After a little more than one hour of yoga, around 8 PM we’ll head across the street to a fairly new restaurant called Brix 42. It is a Gastropub with at least 5 of their own microbrews. Food and drinks are on you but the yoga is FREE!


Do I have to do the Yoga? No, just show up around 8 PM at Brix 42
Can I just do the Yoga and blow off the party? Of course but you will be missed!
Where are these two places? I linked to their sites above but in general Old Town Pasadena by De Lacey and Colorado
Should I bring anything? Please no gifts, your presences is awesome, just don’t make me pay for you so bring money ­čÖé
If I take Yoga what should I wear afterwards? Well, I’m going to bring a change of clothes but I’m dressing casual. Running clothes and yoga clothes are acceptable
How long is the party going? How long do you want to stay? At least 9:30 PM after that no promises that we haven’t wandered off and started a pub crawl. You might get lucky looking for us at a Taco Truck.
Steve, how old are you going to be? Old enough to seem fast, not old enough to qualify for Boston
I have a weird question that you haven’t answered, what do I do? Email me, or call me at 818-414-9181

Train Focused, Steve Mackel – Co-founder

Coach Gary’s First Road Ride – Up and Around the Hill, PV

Check out Coach Gary in his “Hot Pants” as he takes on Palos Verdes Dr. East and Crest Dr. For his first official road bike ride he did great. In fact, he had never been clipped into pedals before that day and never fell. I can’t wait to start doing hill intervals with him. My bet is that cycling helps him becomes a faster runner this year.

Look for some upcoming group rides. Check the emails.

Train Focused, Steve Mackel USA Cycling Coach

Gary’s Brand New Road Bike

Gary’s a new bike geek and a stylish one at that. There is nothing like that first time you put bike shorts on. It just not natural, but that extra padding pays off on those hard saddles. This is the first in Gary’s new bike series.

Ride Focused, Steve Mackel USA Cycling Coach

Sole Runners Group Full and Half Marathon Training in Long Beach Starts in 2 Weeks

Click Here to Register for Sole Runners Full and Half Marathon Training Program

MarathonTraining.TV – Group training system using Yoga and the ChiRunning┬« techniques.

Pre-Season Training starts Saturday, April 25, 2009 at 7 AM, at Marina Vista Park in Long Beach, Find Location

Train Focused, Steve Mackel – Head Coach Sole Runners