Yoga for Runners Cancelled Tonight at Lululemon in Pasadena

Sorry everyone, but I need to cancel tonight’s “Yoga for Runners” class at Lululemon in Pasadena. I’ll be back next Thursday at 6:30 PM

Train Focused,  Steve Mackel, Co-founder

Los Angeles Trail Running: New Years Day 2009

The SoCalRunning Tribe goes trail running in Los Angeles on a foggy New Years day in 2009.

Hear the best wishes from many of the runners that day.

Wonderful video. Lots of love to everyone.

To a happy healthy 2009.

Coach Gary GoBliss

Happy New Year’s Special Message

New Year’s Day Photos plus others…

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Happy New Years Runners!!!!!

It was an awesome New Years Day Run with the SoCalRunning Tribe.

Started in the fog…we prayed for sun…then halfway up the hills…we got blessed by the most warming blissful sun.

We all waited at the top for everyone and took photos. It was heavenly up there. Those that got up early this morning, didn’t too much partying last night were rewarded.

They got lots of free ChiRunning uphill and downhill lessons.

Personally, I’m having the best day. I followed this up by doing the 57th annual Polar Bear Swim in Cabrillo Beach.

Last year I swam like 15 yards…this year…I said “F&^%k it” jumped in at DID THE WHOLE THING! 700 yards of swimming in 54 degree water.

And for all of you saying “you’re crazy…I’d rather sit here on my couch watching football eating pretzels”…at the buoy out there about 350 yards out in the ocean…I met a 82 year old man swimming.

This was just as satisfying an accomplishment for me as running a marathon.

Tonight starting a four day urban yoga retreat…check it out at

Starting the year off on a good foot.

God Bless…videos to come…


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