Run To Vote – The Big Day

Wow! what a day already. I got up to wet streets in South Pasadena, I went for a beautiful fall bike ride. I took out the Rocky Mountain to keep the Kuota dry. Then I put on the running clothes and ran to my polling place. I met other dedicated Americans. We talked after the election and everyone has hope for the future.

I love America. Thank all of you for your support and I’ll leave you with the comment I just received from the web site:

“Ran the 3 miles to the polling station pushing my 2 year old daughter – she got to see Mommy being healthy AND doing her part as an American!” Tamera

VOTE Focused, Steve Mackel, founder

Run To Vote Today – Last Minute Tips

In this video I give some last minute tips for those of you Running to VOTE today!

Please remember to Run To VOTE

Vote Focused, Steve Mackel – US Citizen and Voter

Run to VOTE – TODAY!

Don’t get complacent, no matter which side you are on. Your VOTE needs to be counted. Run to VOTE and make a video of it, send it to me and I’ll post it. I wonder how long the lines will be? Check here Tuesday night.

Run to VOTE is my idea to create a movement that can empower us in many ways. We can get a workout in, reduce carbon emissions and fulfill our civic duty all at the same time. It is easy to do and you can make a difference. Please tell your running friends about it and visit

Vote Focused! Steve Mackel, founder

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