Palos Verdes Marathon 2008

I Finally posted my Palos Verdes Marathon 2008 video.Palos Verdes Peninsula is in Los Angeles, CA. The race starts in San Pedro and runs along the coast. The race day was May 19th.

This was a fantastic race. It had a small field of runners.

The views were fantastic as you can see.

I highly recommend doing this marathon.

Here is the website for the marathon.

Gary Smith
Chi Running Instructor

The ChiRunning Shoe Rumor Video

News Flash: Is a Chi Running shoe coming out?

See what I find from my investigation.


Mc Diet – anything for a buck


This link to is great. It takes Kevin a full minute to get into it but hang in there for his opinion of one of the most interesting health related stories this week, the Mc Diet.

Train Focused, Steve Mackel – Co-founder

Yoga for Runners – Adds A Trails Run Starting Tonight, and Every Thursday

Trail Running and “Yoga for Runners” in conjunction with Lululemon

It is time to bump up the training, increase strength, work on our flexibility, breathe consciously and focus our minds. Starting tonight at 6:30 PM we will go out on a 40 minute trail run followed by a 45 minute “Yoga for Runners” class.

  • We will meet at the grass area just south of the Rose Bowl Aquatics Center – parking lot I.
  • This workout is free and open to anyone (all levels welcome).
  • You need to bring: Everything you would when going out for a run, water, yoga mat or towel, something warm as it tends to cool down towards the end of yoga.

  • The total training will last about 1.5 hours. The Run starts at 6:30 PM, the Yoga will start at 7:15 and finish at 8 PM. If you can’t make the run come for the yoga at 7:!5 PM.

    As always, you are responsible for your own safety. Please be considerate to other people on the trails and join me in coming back to the RBAC with a piece of trash. Help keep our trails clean!

    In case I have an update or need to make changes, please check SoCalRunning every Thursday or even better, become a member.

    Every other week everyone is welcome to join at a local restaurant for some food and drink. Location and address will be posted on SoCalRunning.

    Train Focused,

    Steve Mackel, Lululemon Ambassador

    What is Yoga with Rosie Good

    Rosie Good, my long time yoga teacher, explains what is yoga, the history of yoga, and the difference between hatha and kundalini yoga.This is a fantastic introduction to yoga philosophy.

    And gives you just a lovely snapshot on what a good yoga teacher she is.

    You can learn more about Rosie’s classes at…


    PV Trail Cleanup Saturday 6-7-08

    Palos Verdes Trail Cleanup

    A message from Beach Runner and SoCalRunning member Bernice…

    You can learn more about the cleanup by visiting here…

    National Trails Day and Portuguese Bend Cleanup

    “Hey! How have you all been?

    Maybe you’ve checked Socal Running (Ning), maybe you haven’t. Just in case you haven’t, we’re having another Trail Maintenance in Palos Verdes (sponsored by REI) this Saturday from 9AM-12NN. Some free stuff from REI, including lunch. We’ll have an hour run at 7AM starting from the Trump Golf Course, as usual. Just Section 1 and part of the road. Then change into our work clothes for the trail maintenance. Long pants and closed shoes please. Sunblock for tan line control. Bring your own garden gloves for sanitary reasons. (I forgot to bring gloves last time. Eeewww!) Drinking water is provided. Don’t forget your happy face.

    I’d just like to add, the trail maintenance we did in May was therapeutic for me. It was kinda nice pulling out those weeds and cutting the overgrown plants. Met a lot of new people who love the trails too. And had fun with the Beach Runners, of course, including Gary, whom I had the pleasure of sharing some thoughts with.

    Just so you know, Peter, who is coordinating this project, informed Steve and Gary of this, as courtesy, since it was going to overlap with BR Long Beach Saturday run. It’s only a few of us anyway. And I’m pretty sure manual labor doesn’t appeal to the general public. Just us trail addicts who want an excuse to go to PV. So for some of you doing the LB run in the morning, you might want to squeeze in a few hours with us.

    Let us know if you can make it so we can reserve a slot for you for your free REI shirt. ”

    BERNICE (questions?)

    If you want to contact Bernice about questions…i.e you can still go and do cleanup after Beach Runners then you can visit her Ning page.