Gary’s Los Angeles Marathon 2008 Part 2

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Gary’s Los Angeles Marathon 2008 Part 1

Steve’s LA Marathon 2008 Runumentary

This is my experience at this year’s LA Marathon. I had a great time as usual.

Train Focused, Steve Mackel – USA Triathlon Coach

Another Great Day!

LA Marathon Group
Some of the Beach Runners Before the Start of the LA Marathon

Anytime you complete a marathon or half marathon it is a great day and yesterday’s LA Marathon provided great support and weather. I love running through this city, seeing all it has to offer.

We started in the San Fernando Valley, ran over the hill into Hollywood, ran through the Mid-Wilshire area to the USC campus, through South LA, the corner of East LA and then through the heart of downtown.

It was packed, over 20,000 runners. It was a cultural menagerie of runners. The age ranges on the course were extreme due to Students Run LA, providing pre-teens and teens to one guy were a shirt saying he was 86. It reminds me how long 26.2 miles is, and doing it at either one of those ranges is heroic.

There were many first timers I met out on the course yesterday. It always makes me smile when I see the runners’ family members and friends cheering us on. I want to thank all the supporters. I realized how many people would go out and do something nice for people they even don’t know. It is very encouraging when people are lining the streets yelling your name. That’s why we put out names on our bibs or on our shirts.

Some highlights of my day were: playing with the band Core at mile 21, Rolando leading Beach Runners  cadence songs before we started, running with Sandy for her 50th birthday, running with the oldest Legacy runner, working my way through the crowds and running with many different Beach Runners and crossing the finishing line with Peter.

Jammin’ With Core on the Run at Mile 21

What a great day!

Raced Focused, Steve Mackel – Head Coach Beach Runners Marathon/Half Marathon Training Program

Warren, LA Marathon Legacy Runner

LA Marathon Legacy
Steve and LA Marathon Legacy Runners Warren

Do you know what is really cool? Meeting and talking to LA Marathon Legacy Runners – a legacy runner is someone who has been running a specific race every year since it started.

The LA Marathon is 21 years old now so to be a LA Marathon legacy runner you have to be at least in your 40’s, you have to have been in LA in early March for the last 21 years, you had to make a decision to run this marathon every year, no matter how you felt, what the weather was and/or any other life circumstances that happen. 21 years is a long time to do anything. These men and women are incredible.

Last Wednesday, I got to meet Warren, LA Marathon legacy runner. He came to my “Yoga for Runners” and “Unleashing Your Mental Strength Through Visualization and Hypnosis” workshops at Lululemon. He was an inspiration to me and then I got to see Warren again at the LA Marathon Expo. We wished each other well tomorrow and hopefully we see each other on the course. Now I am ready.

Great luck to all marathoners especially those legacy runners.

Race Focused, Steve Mackel – Head Coach Beach Runners

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