Gary’s Birthday Party Recap

Gary and His Fantastic Birthday Cake

We used Gary’s Birthday as an excuse to carbo-load on Wednesday night and it was a great party. Why not, the Long Beach International City Bank Marathon is less than 10 days away. We met at Buono’s, the official restaurant of the Beach Runners, for a couple drinks, pastas, salads, pizza and cake.

The two highlights of the night were Gary’s poem and seeing a bunch of people that I typically only see in running clothes, dressed up. It is always fun to see you fellow runners out of shorts, tank tops and running hats. We had a great turn out, over 60 people and the vibe was awesome. It is great to be a Beach Runner. If you are not a Beach Runner yet, the new Fall/Winter program starts Saturday, November 10, Click here for Beach Runners info

Special thanks to Gwendolyne for helping set this party up and getting such a great cake.

Race Focused, Steve Mackel Beach Runners Head Coach

Cecila, Steve, Barb, Joe, Gary, Elousia and Karla Stayed Late

Happy Birthday Gary

Gary (L) One of My Best Friends

Today is Gary’s Birthday. It is a day to celebrate a fantastic person. Gary has added so much value to so many lives, I consider online cialis myself lucky to call him my friend. He truly is a unique individual. He is very down to earth, thoughtful, compassionate, and sees the best qualities in everyone. He is a talented athlete, yogi, yoga teacher, coach, writer, Co-Founder and a super nice guy. I have learned a lot from him.

So, take a moment to email him a birthday wish, Click Here to Email Him

Happy Birthday Gary! Race Focused at the Long Beach International City Bank Marathon,

Steve Mackel, Friend

Living, Loving and Letting Go

Running Wild, Racing Focused

I believe that one great thing people can do is enter a running race. I also believe that training and racing are great metaphors for life and the way we live it.

I was talking to the Beach Runners Saturday trying to remind them, as we prepare for the Long Beach Marathon, that all you can do is prepare. You never know what the day will bring. Sounds like life, doesn’t it?

Will it be hot, cold, windy, still, rainy, dry, clear, cloudy? How will you feel that day? If you stay open, you will experience many different feelings. I’ve personally been high and low in the same race, then been high again at the end. I’ve had good races and poor races. I’ve had fun races and no-so-fun races. In the end, like each day in life, they are all learning experiences. So here’s my secret:

Relax, Empty, Let Go and Smile

If you watch any of my RunCasts you always here me say I am working on relaxing, emptying and letting go at some point during the movie. If I can do it on the race course how come it is so difficult to let go in life? I am not sure, yet I know if I keep practicing in races, chances are, it will get easier in life. You’ll also hear me using my time on the course to give thanks. I am especially thankful for all the people in my life, all the love I’ve received and all the support I am receiving out on the course from volunteers and spectators, regardless of my personal feeling at that moment. I usually notice a smile comes to my face and I realize how lucky I am to be out there that day enriching my life through training and racing.

Race Focused, Steve Mackel, Beach Runners Head Coach

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