My 2007 Preliminary Race Plans

Here it is:

February 10, Finish Buffalo Run Half Marathon.
March 17, Finish Catalina Marathon.
May 5, Wildflower Long Course, Sub 5:30:00.
Late May or June, High finish at the Long Beach Triathlon.
Labor Day AG Podium Spot, Run to the Top of Mt. Baldy.
September, LA or Malibu Triathlon
October 14, Finish Long International City Bank Marathon.
Thanksgiving Day, AG Podium Spot, Run for the Hungry 5k.

Steve Running Mile 11 of the 2006 Wildflower Long Course

I’d also like to get a couple of Cat 5 cycling road races in.
I feel like I’d like to do an adventure race somewhere in mid-summer.
I’ll be looking for a few century rides as general training.
I better not forget a surfing trip down in Costa Rica and a couple of
snowboarding trips.

Time to choose your 2007 potential race schedule. Why wait? We have some big races coming up early in the season and you might as well be committed now. So, there’s my preliminary schedule, with Wildflower and Mt Baldy being my “A” races. You will also notice that just finishing a few of my races is a goal. Not every race is about the result, it can be about the experience too. Now I can start to plan my training schedule for the year. See you at the races.

Train Focused – Steve Mackel, Head Coach, Beach Runners Marathon Training Program

2006 Wildflower Long Course Swim Start

A Message from the Monks


My First Overseas Yoga Class


Happy New Year from Cambodia



Dear SoCalRunners,

Got up at 4:30 this morning, ran 6 miles to an ancient Hindu Temple, Angkor Wat. Which is the largest Temple in the world. Did my sun salutions and HP yoga routine with Vishnu, Shiva, and Apsara looking on while the sun rose. Saw a massive mural covering the battle of Kurukshetra with Arjuna and Krishna. Visited many Hindu and Buddhist temples that are elaborately decorated and located in the middle of a Jungle.

Its like I’m in Spiritual Disneyland.

Then I must of been the only tourist out of thousands that walked home. Nobody could understand. But you aspiring yogis and ChiRunners know exactly what I was doing. It takes work to be strong and fit.

Do the work yogis and runners. That’s the best New Years Resolution you can make to yourself. That you will take the hard road while everyone else succumbs to a life of lazy pleasure. Walk, run, bike, make your own silly yoga routines, whatever it takes to push yourself to doing more than you think you can do. A yoga of possibilities and infinite potentials begins with just walking around your neighborhood.

Thanks for a fantastic year everyone. This year was one of the best of my life and that was largely due to being part of such a magical group of runners.

It has been a true honor to teach you this past year and I look forward giving more running and yoga lessons.

Happy New Year and Namaste,

Gary’s One Year Anniversary

Happy New Year and Keep Running from Gary and Steve Friends,

Happy New Year! It was exactly one year ago today that Gary and I started this site. Our intention was to develop an on-line running community. You can go back in the archives and read a couple of the first articles. This site is for people interested in running, training tips, ChiRunning®, the mind/body/spirit connection with movement, yoga and cross-training. We have also put together a few group runs and made this site the home for the Beach Runners, featuring our MaraYoga training program, using the ChiRunning® techniques.

With a year of experience under our web site belts we plan on stepping it up a notch. Look for more RunCasts, group runs, featured races, discounts, while we keep up the rest of what you are accustomed too.

We have nearly 800 members and growing everyday. If you are not a member, please join, no matter where you live. Joining is free! If you are a member, please consider sending us your race reports, pictures and anything else you can think of.

Look for frequent updates this year as we have our best year on two feet possible.

Train Focused – Steve Mackel, CMT

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