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The Number 1 Reason for Joining The Beach Runners’ Fall and Winter Marathon and Half Marathon Training Program is the People!

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Beginning Saturday, November 11, The Beach Runners Marathon and Half Marathon Training Program Kicks Off New Program


The Program:

Beginning Saturday, November 11, the Beach Runners marathon and half marathon training program will meet every Saturday for 18 week. The Beach Runners will be training for the Catalina Marathon, Los Angeles Marathon or any other Spring marathon or half marathon.

Included in the program:

*18-week professionally coached, featuring the proprietary Marayoga training program using the ChiRunning® techniques.
*1 hour group ChiRunning® lesson
*Weekly training articles
*The book “ChiRunning” by Danny Dreyer
*Beach Runners shirt
*Saturday group runs and some weeknight runs
*Special discounts

Cost: $150 for new Beach Runners and $130* for Alumni

*the book “ChiRunning” is not included

Beach Runner Testimonial


Hi Steve and Gary:

I just wanted to take a minute to to say thank you, not only for helping me to get through my first marathon but for making running something I truly enjoy. When I first began running with the group back in May I had only two goals in mind – I wanted to finish the marathon and I wanted to lose baby weight (from my pregnancy with my son who was born in February). I saw this program as solely a means to an end. But with each week I began to enjoy our runs more and more. As a mother of three kids under 5 with a full time job there was never a moment in my day when someone wasn’t asking for something from me. My running became time that was just for me. I looked forward to our long runs all week so I could have a chance to clear my head and meditate.

Finishing the marathon on Sunday was just the icing on the cake. The energy of the crowd and the support of the Beach Runners was amazing. I know that I could not have finished without them or the support of my amazing friends and family who kept popping up all over the course to cheer for me. After I crossed the finish line and my four year old told me that she was proud of me it brought tears to my eyes. I accomplished my goal but in the process I gained so much more than I thought I would. Thanks for everything.” Kate

The Details:

Who: The Beach Runners are a fun group of people, from the total beginner to the experienced marathoner, preparing for the Catalina, Los Angeles or any other Marathon and Half Marathon.

What: The Beach Runners Marathon Training Program is a safe, fun, professionally coached, 18-week Marathon and Half Marathon training program, specializing in working with first time marathoners and half marathoners, as well as experienced runners.

Where: The Beach Runners will meet every Saturday, starting November 2006, at Events Park next to the Queen Mary. The distance of each Saturday run will vary depending on the schedule.

When: 7:00 A.M. every Saturday starting November 11, 2006

To join Email Me

I know Marayoga is a fantastic marathon training plan but don’t just take it from me, below is what Anthony had to say. Train Focused, Steve Mackel


I’m still a little in awe of Sunday’s marathon experience. Applying ChiRunning® techniques, staying focused and running with my fellow Beach Runners truly paid off! The last six miles were relatively easy.

The marathon was just the icing on the cake. Each week, I found myself looking forward to the Saturday morning runs and yoga sessions which were big stress relievers for me. Your positive attitude and inspirational talks are a testament to your abilities as a coach.

Thanks to you, Gary, the mentors and my fellow Beach Runners, I exceeded all of my first marathon expectations. Keep up the great work!!!

Best regards,”

Anthony Taketa

Gislene Goes From Non-Runner to Marathoner with the Help of the Beach Runners Marathon and Half Marthon Training Program in 17 Weeks


Thank you, for your support to this journey! I’ve learn a lot about myself and I will carry this experience throughout my life!

The next morning:

My journey to the finish line started when I joined the Beach Runners group in June, three weeks after the rest of the group started training. My first Saturday, I met the group and our coach that were going to support me through the next 17 weeks ahead. My first question was to our coach, Steve was, “Is it too late to join the group? I have never run before in my life.” His reply, “It is never too late. Today we are running 1h10 minutes. After 35 minutes, turn around and come back. Just do what you can, and have fun!” I knew right there, that this was the right group for me.

The next 3 weeks were really hard and I almost gave up. I felt terrible pain in my knees, and after every long run, I spent an hour icing them and walking funny. When I told others about it, the reply was that maybe I had knee problems and should get a scan. So I gave my self a deadline. I would try for 3 more weeks and if they didn’t get better, I would have to give up.

The next week, I tried working all the techniques taught by our coach, including breathing, posture, and stepping. His technique is called “ChiRunning.” I added vitamins (Triplex) to my diet and a new pair of shoes, and something really amazing happened… I never had a knee pain again. Not even during the Marathon.

Today is my first day after the Marathon, and as I play back all the stages I went through to reach that finishing line, it gives me chills. Many fears and insecurities go through your mind throughout the program. But you learn to deal with every fear, and at the end of the day you learn to overcome them in your own time.

My actual running time to reach that finishing line was long. I was doing pretty well when I reached mile 20, but after that, I couldn’t run anymore. I was exhausted . I started to walk… slowly. Those last 6.2 miles took me 2h 23 minutes, but, I made it to the end. When I finally saw the end (7hours in the race), 99% of the runners had already completed the race. But, then I saw the Beach Runners group cheering for me, and I switched from walking to running with my last drop of energy until I reached the finish line.

I did it ! So can you!