Why I Run

Instead of music
this spring dusk
I folded in a
piece of paper
and a pilot pencil
in a running belt

Hoping for a
poem and a
sunset this dusk

Music had propelled
me through a
season of sunny
Calfornia winter trail runs
as I sliced through the
steep rocky hills of Palos Verdes

And in this moment between
day and night
this moment of the
change of days

I stood looking at my
iriver loaded with yoga jams
afro funk
nutrition podcasts

And desires for aural company
screamed to join me this dusk
To run with me
To see the hills I would see
The flowers
But to run with no music
To run with just


scared me

Who would I find on the run?
A hypocritical coach who should have
run yesterday, the day before, the days,
the months, before?
A beer belly that will not leave me?

A lonely young man on a lonely trail
yet again?

And I had to find just a little
courage just a little to
do something just a little
different a little more scary
a little more on edge into
the great unknowns of my life
leaving my trusted music
on the front seat of my old
red toyota truck

And I looked up to a Hill
covered in Mustard Yellows
and with the beep of a metronome
I headed towards it not knowing
the distance, the time, nothing
more than this dusk, this dusk
I would do something different

And I soon found company
the softness of my old running shoes
the light dribble of rain on my shoulders
the gliding of my arms
and my breath

And hills steep and overgrown
buses, and a sea of Mustard
And I reflected on my faith
in God and how I have
so MUCH deep faith but so
little faith in the little
things in my life, the
anxieties, the worries, the
bills, the little calls to make, the
cards I should send, the
people I would love if only I could do the
little things that mean so much for the
loved one ones in my life who are waiting
for all those little things in my heart that
would show that yes I care about all the
little things that mean so much to show the
care and consideration

And I arrived at that hilltop
surrounded by mustard

And saw no sunset
but breathed zazen
and chanted OM
and thanked GOD
with what little gratitude
I had for all the sumptuous
harvests of that winter
And pulled out this folded
piece of paper and the

And while I didn’t find myself
I found this poem

a pillbug

two snails

an almost full moon

and the reasons I run

RunCast7-LA Sutra Duathlon

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Finally our next runcast. This is an inspirational video of Steve, Al, and Gary trail running and then going to Steve Ilg’s amazing High Performance Yoga® class.

You can visit his website at http://www.wholisticfitness.com/

If you are having problems watching this then I’d recommend

a) Download recent copy of quicktime player at www.apple.com 

b) Or watch the video here at blip.tv



RunCast8 – The Big Sur Marathon

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The glorious, majestic Big Sur Marathon finally in a RunCast. The RunCasts just keep on getting better and better.

I won’t even reveal my time on this Marathon.

Okay maybe I will…..

My time…

I had damn good time is what I had. Just see the photos and you’ll see.

Again, click here for those PC users having problems. Imagine that.