2 Natural Running Clinics This Saturday, July 30, at Runners High in Long Beach 9 AM and 1 PM

Those of you that don’t know, besides being a Certified ChiRunning® Instructor I am a Certified Newton Natural Running Coach. This Saturday, I will be giving a 2 one hour Natural Running Clinics at Runners High store in Belmont Shore, Long Beach. The first one will be at 9 AM and the second will be at 1 PM. Natural Running shares a lot of similarities with ChiRunning® and also is tied to Newton running shoes.

I’ve been running most of my races in Newton’s and I love them. I always feel faster and less stressed in them. But, Newtons require a midfoot landing and are not made for heel strikers. Of course, I will be teaching how to land on the midfoot at these clinics. There will be Newton demo shoes for you to try and I will be discussing running shoes in general. It is free so come check it out this Saturday. Runners High, 5338 East Second St., Belmont Shore, Long Beach, CA

Train Focused, Steve Mackel – Certified Newton Natural Running Coach


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