15k Training Run Monday, July 5, 2010

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What an awesome morning to run. Pasadena was all it could be the day after the big Rose Bowl Fireworks show, cloudy, cool and only a few cars out on the road.

Today turned into to be a heart rate run. It started out as a 9 min/mile pace run but my heart rate was only 120 while I was averaging 8:30 min/miles. I figured I would enjoy this and work on my Chi Running® focuses.

I am mending a bruised patella, don’t ask how I did it, just know I am a dork. So, I ran until it started to hurt. Once going, I kept my eye on my HR, breath rate and perceived exertion level. I worked on relaxing into my form and cadence. I know this kept my knee from hurting. This was the longest, fastest run I have done since the injury.

The highlight was running down the middle of Colorado (suicide) Bridge without on car forcing me to the side. I also ran through an empty Old Town. It was interesting noticing the different smells of Old Town compared to the residential areas around the Rose Bowl.

In the end, I feel like I am starting to find my form again. Now how long can I run 8 min/mile at a sub 140 HR. It is the way I am going to one day qualify for Boston. For now, I just grateful for living in such a great area to run in. I love So Cal and a negative split!

Train Focused, Steve Mackel USA Triathlon Coach


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  1. mark gorence on December 1st, 2010

    Just had x rays. Bruised patella. Happened 9 days ago. Got Vegas on 12-5-10. Hurts when I run past 5 miles. Will I do more damage if I run? My doc said no. What did your doc say about running with a bruised patella?