An Important Message

“There is
no such thing as a problem
without a gift for you
in its hands”

“You seek problems
because you need
their gifts”
– The Messiah’s Handbook – Illusions by Richard Bach

I believe that one of my jobs, as a coach is to motivate and inspire, so I read and listen to a lot of inspirational material. I came across this yesterday. The first stanza is gentle reminder of something most of us know, yet we choose to ignore. For us a problem is just that, a problem.

Then comes that second stanza, like an unexpected punch in the kisser.

Maybe its time to start re-framing our lives and running. Since this is a running site, I’ll keep it about running. Here are some common problems and some gifts:

PROBLEM #1 Injuries – Your body is screaming out to you, all you have to do is figure out what it is saying. Listening is the gift. It may be that you are pushing it too hard. It could also be saying, “Take better care of me.” Re-examine your lifestyle patterns. Some injuries come from your mental state. Are you setting realistic expectations? In the end, the body follows the mind. To run the best, you have to be mentally in the zone. I am always listening for ways to get in touch with that zone.

PROBLEM #2 Finding the time to run – Are you always making excuses not to run? What really bothers you about running? Some people just don’t enjoy running yet many of us do not give it the proper chance. A gift here is learning how to schedule and follow your schedule. Running could be one of the most natural things we can ever do. We were designed to run. Let’s schedule it in.

Problem #3 Getting faster – Speed is a gift and speed is relative to each individual. We can all get faster. It just takes the work and desire. Many of get into that “same run – same pace” rut. We run the same routes. We don’t run with faster runners than ourselves. Practice your form at very slow speeds too. There are many ways to vary your training to increase your speed. We are here to help you get faster.

These gifts are all around us in each problem in our lives. We ask directly and indirectly for them but we don’t take them when they are right in front of our faces. Start re-framing your problems and you’ll probably find your gift faster. When you do find it, take a moment to be thankful and share that thankfulness with your family and friends.

Train Focused looking for gifts, Steve Mackel


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