12 Days Until the ING New York City Marathon – Yoga for Runnners Video

Here we go! With only 12 days left until the ING NYC Marathon I am going to post tips for our race everyday. We should all be tapering right now. Tapering is all about letting the body rest, rebuild, refuel, rehydrate, renew and recover. At the same time your runs should be fairly high intensity but training volume dramatically reduced. We all taper differently. After 30+ marathons, I know what my body likes. I only do a few runs over the next two weeks. Take notes find out how you taper and what works best for you.

One key part of tapering for me is yoga. Below is a video showing just a few yoga poses I almost always incorporate into my practice. These are great poses for runners but they are just the tip of the iceberg.

I will be also be taking some classes in NYC. I’ll let you know when and where on Facebook on Twitter. I am really excited to be running the biggest marathon in the world, known as one of the best marathon experiences in the world. See you in NYC.

Keep checking in daily for more tips. Get your yoga on and Race Focused!

Head Coach Steve Mackel – Sole Runners Full and Half Marathon Training Programs


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