2 Tough Hours

Beach Runners’ Mentor Dion in the Middle of the Pack

As the Beach Runners prepare for the Catalina Marathon or LA Marathon, Gary and I decided to throw in some trail and hill running Saturdays. For the next two months we will be spending half our time in the hills of Palos Verdes training for our big races.

This past Saturday we brought the mileage down yet the terrain went up as we ran the coast and hills. It was so beautiful. The wind had blown everything out of the basin and off the coast. It was sunny and cool when we started. It didn’t take long for us to warm up and the day did too. An hour later we found ourselves halfway up “The Hill” taking a picture.

We took a moment look around, drank some water or sports drink, ate some food then turned around and headed for home. A negative split was on our mind as we practiced our ChiRunning® techniques on the varied terrain.

I am just getting to the point where I can run two hours which is amazing considering three months ago one doctor said I never run again. Not only did I run, I ran some big hills. The next day my legs were feeling as Coach Ilg says, “well trained,” ouch.

It was also nice see how well so many Beach Runners handled the run. Some ran the longest in their lives. Our half marathoners are almost ready and we are only eight weeks into the program. Now they get to continue training the next nine weeks. They’ll be more than ready.

We were also joined but Outside magazine columnist, The Lab Rat, Nick Heil, click here to check out his latest on-line article. After an awesome yoga session twelve of us headed to a local breakfast spot in San Pedro and truly refueled. You just can’t beat January in LA!

Train Focused, Steve Mackel, Beach Runners Head Coach and Program Director

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